It’s hard to teach your kids the right money habits when nobody taught you.  It’s a failure in our system and one that will continue unless we do something about it.  The good news is, YOU CAN MAKE THAT CHANGE!  Your children ARE watching you, so start making sure you are showing them positive money habits from the beginning.


The Money Core

The Money Core is made up of 5 one-to-one virtual sessions and is the foundation to creating your money transformation.  We will explore what your history has been with money and identify patterns and behaviors that have put you in your current situation.  Once we have established an awareness around your money habits, we will work to create a new money mindset and put together your NEW personal money plan.

*Sessions are generally held weekly for 5 weeks unless otherwise scheduled.


The Money Core Group

Want most of the benefits of The Money Core program but at a reduced cost – get some friends and/or family together and share the experience.  We will discuss the groups history with money and identify behaviors and patterns that may be hurting your financial future.  Then we will work on developing a new money mindset and habits to put your financial future back in your control.  An additional one-to-one meeting may be added for a fee for each that attend this program to develop your own personal money plan.

*Sessions will be held weekly for 5 weeks unless otherwise scheduled.  There must be at least 4 persons/couples to initiate this group and a maximum of 6 persons/couples.