Why Starting Early is Essential

Kidz by Age 3

Did you know ... studies show kids can understand basic money concepts by age three and by seven, many of their money habits have already been set? Money is a tool, and kids need to learn how to use and manage it. It's not actually about money at all, but learning how to make it work for you.

No Student Loan Debt

Kids are graduating college with tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars of student loan debt. People in their 60's are having their social security checks garnished to pay student loans. This has to stop! Learn steps that can be taken before college to eliminate or significantly reduce student loan debt.

Happy Healthy Life

Being a parent is all about giving your kids the tools they need to succeed in life. Money management is a vital life skill that everyone needs and is not wholly taught in our school systems today. It must come from you. Give your child a gift that will help them be successful their entire life.


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